CMYK is a fast-paced multiplayer jump'n'run for the upcoming console Ouya and Mac/PC. It features gameplay for 2 to 4 players, where the players gain the power to manipulate the level with different colors which change the attributes of level drastically.

CMYK was developed during the final class of the BA game design course 2013 at the ZHDK.
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- Five funky characters
- Two maps ready for battle
- Smooth movement & fast races
- Fun!





alpha 3.3.1 - 16.6.13

Here you will be able to download the current build of CMYK for Windows/Mac.
Keep in mind that it's a multiplayer game best played with four players and there may be bugs.
Currently it only works with Xbox360 controllers.


CMYK is being
developed by

elephant at work

Art/Code/Game Design

Samuel Vonäsch


Pascal Rüegger

Thanks to those guys:

Stefan Gerber - for his tools and great testing.
YMCK - for having the matching song for my game.
ZHdK VGD class 2010 - for the best feedback.

© Samuel Vonäsch. Elephant at Work Design. 2013.